13 December 2012

Photo Shoot: Part Une

Today is a trés exciting day here on Pink Champagne! Two months ago, I had hinted about a collaboration that has finally come to life! After lots of brainstorming (furs, jewels, sparkly shoes!) and the actual shoot (so much fun to channel my inner model!), the big reveal is here. I slipped into my wedding gown and had an absolute ball with the incredibly talented Jaclyn L. Photography.

All photos c/o Jaclyn L. Photography

I hope you enjoyed Part Une (many more to come)! XX


Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Beautiful...and how much fun to get to wear your wedding dress again! xx

xx BHB said...


the only words I have currently

Julie Leah said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I'm trying to decide which is my favorite! I love the back shot of you in the dress like you're running into an enchanted forest! I know you get me on that ;)


The City Boy said...

so pretty!

eas said...

Just lovely!! How fun to wear your dress again.

Chelsea MacMeekin said...

These are absolutely stunning pictures!

Haute Child in the City

Fashionista622 said...

STUNNING photos! You look beautiful. Kudos to the photographer. xoxo