28 July 2011

Champagne, Signings, and Shopping

Looking for a fun and fab way to spend your Friday afternoon? Look no further ladies, and head to the Angela Moore boutique in Newport, RI! Here are all the juicy details:

"Tina Sloan is the best selling author/playwright/actress of her one-woman off-Broadway show and best selling book Changing Shoes, and also known as nurse Lillian Raines for 26 years in Guiding Light.   She will be performing her one-woman off-Broadway hit the day before the book signing, on Thursday, July 28th at the Stanford White Casino Theatre.  So this is quite a treat to meet her up close!"

Sipping champagne while shopping and celebrity sightings & signings... what fun! And if you have never been to the Angela Moore boutique, you are in for a treat - from the signature jewelry to the preppy resort fashions, it is my shopping paradise.   

Don't forget to link up with Trishy to celebrate Pink & Green Thursday, too!

PS - were you all as excited as me to find the unveiling of the Lilly Fall collection in your inboxes today? Cannot wait to talk about favorites with you ladies! XO

27 July 2011

Summery Skinnygirl Sangria

I know I don't usually post cocktail recipes, but the name of this blog is Pink Champagne... oui? When I received this in my inbox from a girlfriend, I knew I would have to share with you. What says summery cocktail party like fruity sangria? Even better... it's a Skinnygirl recipe, so you can look super-sleek in that itsy-bitsy bikini still! Are you ready to play bartender?

-8 peaches, pitted and sliced  
-4 white plums, pitted and sliced  
-1 pound green grapes, cut in half  
-3 bottles Prosecco
-One 12-ounce can Fresca or diet lemon/lime soda  
-One 12-ounce can club soda

Combine all the ingredients and chill for at  least 1 hour. Serve over ice.

Voila! Enjoy, sweets!

26 July 2011

Glitzy & Glam Clutches

Everytime I see a jeweled Judith Leiber handbag, my mind immediately darts to the SATC episode where Carrie receives one of these jeweled clutches from Big. A few memorable quotes to jog your memory, perhaps???
You told Big, "I Iove you", because he gave you that? What did you think it was, a large diamond duck ring?
As we walked through the room of women clutching their bejeweled swan, kitten and asparagus purses, I realized to my horror that not only did Big not love me...he had absolutely no idea who I was.
Clearly, Carrie was not thrilled with the expensive arm candy Big selected for her. I think the sparkling stones are stunning and the shapes bring an element of fun to the elegant look! (Although some of the animals are a tad too much for this lady's classic taste.)   

The bags featured in this post... I just LOVE!

I would happily hold any of these fancy flowers or sea-themed creatures to a black tie affair.
This London scene strikes my fancy and appeals to the Anglophile in me...
So ladies... what do you think? Are you a Leiber lover or a Carrie cohort?

Cast your vote! XOXO

21 July 2011

Lilly in LOVE

Today's planned post is simply going to have to wait until tomorrow. When I spotted this stunning Lilly wedding on Lilly's Facebook fan page, I knew immediately I would have to share it with you for Pink & Green Thursday (link up and play along too - Trishy is the hostess with the mostest!).

This wedding features one of my favorite punchy prints (FUN FACT: I wore a dress in this print the morning of my wedding to have my hair and makeup done!), is filled with Lilly touches galore, and is big on Southern charm. Enjoy! 

The bicycle, the peonies, the attention to detail, the FUN... I could gush on and on! If you fell head over heels like me and must see the entire photo gallery, you can swoon here.

Wishing you a happy Thursday filled with pink & green! XO

19 July 2011


I have BIG news for you, ladies! Husband is planning a surprise trip for our one year wedding anniversary (August 28 is the big day!), and I'm just bursting with excitement. Since he simply cannot hold it in until then, we decided I will get hints leading up to the trip, and he will reveal our destination to me on August 8 (the day we had gotten engaged) to give me ample time to decide what to pack! 

Here are the hints I have received so far:
-We will not be able to eat our wedding cake on our actual anniversary (AKA we cannot bring it on the plane)
-There is fabulous shopping in this destination. 
-I will need my passport. (squeeeee!)    
-It is VERY romantic.

I definitely have my guess, but I cannot reveal it at the risk of jinxing anything... Can any of you crack the code? Time will tell!

Happy Monday! XOXO

15 July 2011

Tickled Toes

Happy Friday, lovelies! I am just one hour away from the start of my weekend, and I will be kicking it off with mother/daughter pedicures... just the cure for my accounting blues. Did I mention I have to take a 4 hour accounting midterm as soon as the pampering part of the afternoon is over??? Le sigh.

Happy weekend to you all!

14 July 2011

Colorful Kate Spade

Because I spend WAY too much time on Kate Spade's play section of their site... enjoy these colorfully lovely wedding images!

Celebrate Pink & Green Thursday with Trishy, too!

PS: My online accounting course for the MBA program, work, and a social calendar of summer events have currently taken over my life... pinky promise to be back to more blogging (and reading and commenting!) soon and catching up with all of you! XO

12 July 2011

Retro Chic

In case you missed my guest post for the darling Kori at Blonde Episodes (big thank-you's to her again for asking me to fill in!), I just had to post the lovely collection from Alice & Olivia's 2012 resort lookbook here on Pink Champagne, too. (Besides, I adore those bright colors too much to not share with each of you!) . Are you ladies ready to swoon over some retro, color-popping, glam frocks? Let's!

A little bit seventies siren, a little bit Spanish senorita, these looks are stunning for summer in this lady's book. Throw on a big-brimmed hat, some stylish shades, and lots of color, and get ready to frolick in the sun!

Wishing you a colorful, fun, summery day! 

09 July 2011

Be My Guest!

Happy Saturday, sweets! You can find me guest posting my for my dear friend Kori today over at Blonde Episodes... come visit, si vous plait!

Here is a little sneak peek of the fabulous feature you will find...

Have a lovely weekend!