28 August 2010

MRS. Pink Champagne!

By the time you read this scheduled post, Fiancé and I have said our "I do's" and I am officially a married lady! *Squeal!* We spent all morning getting dolled up, my Daddy walked me down the aisle, and I am bursting with glee finally wearing the dress I have been dreaming of since the day I slipped into it at Priscillas. It's time to spin around the dance floor, cut the cake, and toast with champagne to our new life together as Mr. & Mrs.! I cannot wait to share all the teeny-tiny details of the day with each of you when I return. Until then, it's time to cel-e-brate!

Big hugs and kisses from the BRIDE! XO

27 August 2010

Rehearsal Dinner Day!

Today is the day... it's Rehearsal Dinner Day! I am off for a relaxing manicure/pedicure with my Mother, Mother-in-Law, and flower girl, followed by a lovely lunch. I am hoping for a little beach time to see our out-of-town guests who have already arrived, then it will be time to beautify! Rehearsal is at 6 at the church, followed by a delicious dinner, champagne, and celebrating with our dearest family and friends. You know what the best part of today is??? When I go to sleep and wake up in the morning, it will be our WEDDING DAY! *Squeaaaaal!*

Hugs and kisses from the bride!

26 August 2010

Pink & Green Thursday: Wedding Weekend!

Happy Pink & Green Thursday, love bugs! Today is an especially happy day because the car is packed up and we are headed away for the weekend to celebrate our WEDDING! I wanted to take a quick photo of our car loaded with lots of very pink and green things being delivered to our reception site today but didn't get a chance... imagine lots of pink and green wedding lovelieness! After a full day of unloading and beaching it with a few out of town guests, we are off to dinner now. 1 more DAY!!!

Play along with Trish - she is such a doll and the lovely hostess of Pink & Green Thursday!
Big hugs and kisses from the bride!

25 August 2010

Wedding Wednesday

It is LITERALLY Wedding Wednesday, as my wedding is this Saturday! (How could you forget with my adorably incessant countdowns and reminders?) Today is my last day in the office, and they threw me the sweetest surprise shower! Imagine pink and green nautical flags hanging across the conference room with pink and green paper globes everywhere... big diamond rings, tiaras, Lilly napkins and pinwheels, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and "pink champagne" (raspberry ginger ale=office appropriate). I got the most gorgeous Kate Spade vase filled with white hydrangeas and a darling pink and green monogrammed cookie. Everything was so beautiful, it was more than I ever could have dreamed of. Big hugs to my work ladies who put it all together!

Tonight, I am off to get my ring cleaned, wrap some last minute presents, and pack, pack, pack for our wedding weekend/honeymoon! I will miss reading and following all of you while I am away, but I promise to catch up when I return. Aaaannnd, there may be a few special surprises while I'm louning on the beaches of Fiji - you will LOVE them, I pinky promise!

PS - this was the weather forecast when I checked for the hundredth time this morning. Hooray!
2 DAYS to I do!

24 August 2010

White Party!

Isn't white just so chic? Desperately Seeking Seersucker hosts a white party for Labor Day each year to celebrate wearing white one last time. How adorable is that? Every lady knows the famous fashion equation: white during the summer = fabulous; white after Labor Day = faux paus. (The exception to the rule being winter white.) Celebrate the last days of summer by playing along and posting your favorite white photos!
And you KNOW there had to be at least one bridal shot, right???
or maybe TWO...
or THREE...
And just one Vera Wang for good measure.
Did I already mention today that my wedding is in 3 days?!?! *Squeal!*

New Autograph

My to-do list is a mile long, between last minute wedding details, office to-do's, and honeymoon packing... but what am I doing right now? Doodling on a notepad and practicing my soon-to-be married signature. How can I concentrate on anything else with such a pressing task at hand? Le sigh.
3 DAYS to I do, lovelies!

23 August 2010

Beachy reads?

Hi ladies! I need your help... I'm looking for some fabulous reading material for lounging on the beaches of Fiji for my honeymoon. I want to bring a couple of fun books: girly, beachy, chic lit. Here are some books that I have adored to give you an idea of my literary taste.

LOVE Plum Sykes. Bergdorf Blondes and The Debutante Divorcée are tres fab.
I recently finished Social Climbers by Beth Dunn, and she is just as charming in her book as she is on her blog.
The entire Shopaholic series. While Becky Bloomfield is a bit extreme and a tad out of control, I completely empathized with her and the thrill of the sale. And wouldn't it be such fun to have her as a shopping partner in crime?
Anything by Emily Giffin. Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Proof... all fab.
The Devil Wears Prada. The book and the movie are both tops in my book.
What books can you read over and over again? I would LOVE your suggestions, lovelies!
4 DAYS to I do!!!

22 August 2010

Happy Birthday, Fiancé!

Happy birthday to my:
 best friend
personal comedian
dinner date

dancing partner
hand-holder on walks
and soon-to-be HUSBAND.
Happy birthday, Fiancé! XOXO, your soon-to-be WIFE

20 August 2010

Photo Friday: Au Revoir Apartment!

It's official ladies - the single girl apartment is empty and gone. Since I never gave you a tour while I was living there, I thought I would give you a little glimpse into the Chateau je Pink Champagne now that I have kissed it goodbye (on both cheeks, of course!).
Welcome to my living room:
And to the kitchen, where I cooked oh-so-delicious meals:
My ultra-girly bathroom:
And the one room that wasn't pink or green (but made up for it with plenty of Eiffel Towers and satin bedding)... my bedroom:
This was the view from my window... isn't that old church gorgeous?
And my first snow living there... (they played Christmas carols on the church bells around the holidays... le sigh.)
Au revoir, single-girl apartment! I will be a married lady in 7 DAYS!!!