30 July 2010

Photo Friday: Bachelorette Weekend!

Today kicks off the beginning of my BACHELORETTE WEEKEND! Hooray! I cannot wait to celebrate all weekend with my favorite ladies... friends from childhood, college, old roommates, and family. The events are all a surprise, but I'm sure there will be lots of this:
and this:
and this:
and this:
and maybe even some of this:
It will be a fun, girly, loud-music playing, dancing, giggle-y, silly weekend with my best friends.  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, too! 

29 July 2010

Fall for Pink & Green Thursday

Happy Pink & Green Thursday, dolls! Tonight is my FINAL FITTING for my wedding gown and I could not be more tickled pink! I cannot wait to slip into my dress again and if it perfectly fits, take it home with me!!! Can you feel my excitement through your screen?

Let's celebrate Pink & Green Thursday this week by looking at a few of my favorites every photo Lilly revealed on Facebook in the Fall Sneak Peek for this Fall!
Such a fabulous print and rich colors.
What a fun party dress!
I am luuurving all these silks and prints.
You know I'm a total sucker for the white jeans and printed tunic duo.
Another FFF: fabulous fall frock.
Bright pink makes me smile.
The perfect fall coat with just a hint of pink.
Not all pink and green, but isn't Lilly the QUEEN of pink and green herself? Big hugs to Trish for hosting as always!

PS: Did anyone notice my new look? I decided Pink Champagne was in need of a little facelift. ;)

28 July 2010

Online Shopping... Dreaming of Fiji

I adore the J.Crew online sales and with Mother treating me to honeymoon clothes, there were a few pieces I just could not resist.  Here are the latest additions that will be traveling with me to Fiji...
Love this tunic with white jeans or with a bikini on the beach.
Speaking of white pencil jeans...
Adore this jeweled number! Perfect to glam up beach-tossled hair.
Another breezy beach cover-up.
And essential white shorts - in NEED of a replacement.
And isn't this pink seersucker bikini darling? It may or may not be from the girls' department... (shhhh... fingers crossed that it fits...)

27 July 2010

Give me more Angela Moore!

Have you lovelies heard of Angela Moore? If not, you sure are in for a Tuesday treat! You can shop these fun, bright, colorful pieces in Newport and Palm Beach or online if you are not lucky enough to be near these gorgeous boutiques. You will find hand painted jewelry, resort fashions and home accents based around "making everyday living an art."

I started my collection a few years ago with the Turtle Treats bracelet, and looking at some of the other fun choices I might have to add one or two (or three) to my jewelry box...
Turtle Treats - my Angela Moore wrist candy
Here are a few on my lust list:

Fancy Flamingoes - This one is calling your name, Prissy and Preppy Flamingo!
Sea Goddess Pink/Green - pink, green, and sea shells... beautiful!
Sandy Sea Shells - more shells... LOVE for summer.
Watches too! Aren't they gorgeous?
Pink Poppies Grand Watch
And one from the newest line:
Safari Chic - Chic, indeed Miss Moore!
The perfect accessory to any Lilly outfit, oui? J'adore Angela Moore, and I just know you will too! Which are your favorites? XO

23 July 2010

Cocktails a la Breakfast at Tiffany's

Tonight I am throwing my kissthesinglegirlapartmentgoodbye party, and you are all invited! Oh how I wish we all lived near and could get together to toast with champagne. It would be such fun! Here is the invitation I designed:
I am wearing a Tiffany-blue colored cocktail dress and fabulous jewelry, channeling Holly Golightly in her cocktail party scene in the movie. I'll be sure to drink a glass of champagne in your honor, dear blogging friends. Cheers!
Wishing you all a lovely summer weekend! XO

22 July 2010

Pink & Green Thursday: Lounge under an Umbrella

Who wants to play hooky with me today and go to the beach? We will lounge under a pink and green umbrella, lie on pink and green beach towels, and wear adorable pink and green bikinis!
Guess which umbrella we will be under?
There will be lots of giggles and silliness...
And umbrellas sprinkled on the sand as far as the eye can see...
Maybe we'll dance
and most definitely play in the waves!
While looking adorable and perfectly pink and green.
Play along with Trish each Thursday!

21 July 2010

Blog Love Fest

So many awards to share!
The darling Jen from Nola Girl and the adorable Katie from Jersey Girl awarded me the Sugar Doll Award. Thank you, my darlings! Oooohhh sugar, sugar, da da da da da da... are you singing along with me?

I also received the Versatile Blogger Award from Blonde Steel Magnolia - visit her adorable pink and green blog for a little sunshine!
I present to you: ten of my favorite things!
Anything wedding related... white gowns, lace, flowers, cake, and diamonds make my little heart go pitter patter!
White lights at Christmas - aren't they just so magical?
Soft serve twist ice cream in a plain cone with jimmies... *drool*
Summertime - the sun, boat trips with Fiancé, bikinis, warm nights, sundresses, outdoor dining... summer is my favorite season.
Travel - I adore seeing new places and experiencing different cultures. 
Lilly Pulitzer - pink, green, gorgeous prints, and darling designs. True amore!
Champagne - give this girl the bubbly!
Jewelry - a little sparkles makes me smile.
And shoes... even better when embellished with a bow or flower. (I'm cheating and combining these two as one under the umbrella of "accessories".)
Fireplaces, chandeliers, and Parisian architecture. Le sigh.
Long phone calls with old friends.

I tag 5 of my newest followers. Welcome, lovelies!