27 April 2012

Hasta Luego!

Hola, amores! Today is the day that Husband and I are jetting to Spain, and I am over the moon. Here is our itinerary: 
3 days of tapas, museum-going, shopping, and sight-seeing in Madrid
4 days of exploring the old city of Sevilla, with lots of salsa dancing
1 day trip to the Algarve in Portugal and enjoying the beautiful drive along the coast
1 day in Trujillo, a quaint village outside of Madrid

Cannot wait to catch up with you all and share lots of photos and stories when we return! Besos! 

26 April 2012

Fashionably Late Fashion Show

What does one wear to a Britt Ryan Fashion Show at the Liberty Hotel in Boston? Britt Ryan, of course! 

photo via

I am decked out in a Britt Ryan dress and cannot wait for a night of girly fun and fashion with one of my besties. Fine dining at Scampo, cocktails, and a fashion show from one of my favorite preppy designers will make for a fabulous night out. 

photo via

I also discovered that the Liberty does this each Thursday night. The series is called Fashionably Late, and a different designer is featured each week. I must keep an eye on the designer list and attend more often! A little history: the Liberty was the original Charles Street Jail, built in 1851. After a $150M renovation, it is now a gorgeous luxury hotel complete with multiple restaurants and bars, still with the history preserved and charm 

You can follow me tweeting live from the runway... the show begins at 10! Kiss, kiss!

24 April 2012


Lately in the world of Pink Champagne:

New stationary in a pink and navy preppy Parisian pattern has me longing to write letters.

New curtains in the living room of the Champagne Chateau are tickling my decorating fancy.

Girly chandeliers are the perfect touch to any room, oui? This one hangs in my dressing room.

The countdown to Husband's and my trip to Spain is SO on... 3 days and counting!!!

20 April 2012

Pink & Ink

Today's unbeatable color combination: PINK and INK. So classically chic! 

photo via

I'm wearing these hues today: a navy silk blouse, pink and navy Murfee, skinny jeans, a neon pink belt, Revas, and an hot pink lip. Oh how I wish I had on this lovely dress! 

PS - it's Friday...hooray! 

19 April 2012

Flora by Gucci

Gucci, Gucci, everywhere I look! From the full-page feature in my latest Elle magazine to Gucci's Facebook page, the Flora Garden Collection is in full bloom this Spring! These gorgeous photos have me dreaming sweet-smelling dreams...

all photos via

Stunning! I adore the romantic pastels and whimsical feel of the photo shoot... le sigh. Wishing you all a dreamy Thursday! XX

18 April 2012

After the Ship Sank...

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my Titanic soiree! Husband and I had a ball, and I was so excited to see our guests fully embrace the theme. Here come the photos!

A sneak peek of my ensemble for the evening... beads and fur!

Our front door welcoming our guests aboard as we embarked:

An oar and lifevest on the porch for later...several of our guests did arrive in life jackets!

More printables I created and framed throughout the house:

First class was upstairs... steerage was below decks in our wine cellar!

Hors d'oeuvres for our first class passengers. The signature cocktail was coined the "iceberg": champagne, grapefruit, and ice!

My captain and I awaiting our guests:

Snapping one last photo before embarking across the Atlantic!

26 guests in all, some of the outfits they arrived in included gorgeous gowns, extravagant hats, tuxedos and bow ties, steerage attire with newsboy caps, accessories of lifevests and Rose's famous whistle, and one couple even wrapped in bubble wrap as the iceberg. The movie soundtrack was playing all night, Titanic trivia was played, and we all blew out a candle at 11:43 when the ship hit. All in all, we had a fabulous evening!

Wish you all could have joined! XO

13 April 2012

100 Years After Titanic

Tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary of that fateful day on Titanic. In memory, I am throwing a Titanic-themed soiree! We will get decked out in our Titanic finest (a gown and mink for this lady), sip old-fashioned cordials, and indulge in some hors d'oeuvres a la 1914. There may even be a little Titanic music playing if I can get my hands on the soundtrack...teehee.   

Here is the invitation I sent out to my guests... all aboard!

11 April 2012

Daily Obsession: ban.do

Hellooooo, Glitter Guide. I'm obsessed with the photo that landed in my inbox today from you (from ban.do). 
photo via

Signed with a kiss,
Pink Champagne

10 April 2012

Instagram Obsessed

I have discovered Instagram, and I am beyond hooked. A few of the photos I have snapped around the Champagne Chatea and jazzed up with my new-found wonder:

Wishing you all a chic day!

08 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a blessed and joyful Easter!

photos via

We are off to Church, an Easter egg hunt, and family celebrations. How are you celebrating? (And what I are you wearing?!)


04 April 2012

Counting Down

With 4 days left on my "no shopping for Lent" countdown, I received this preview in my mailbox from Rue La La beckoning me...addressed just to me, taunting "guess what's coming back?". Why, oh why are they tormenting me?!?

If Husband buys a "gift" for me, does this count as cheating???

My other running countdown: 22 more days until Husband and I are jet-setting to Spain! 


02 April 2012

Coco Chanel at the Ritz Paris

Since I received my latest copy of this month's Vogue, I have been swooning over Kate Moss's fabulous photo shoot at the chic Coco Chanel suite of the Ritz Paris. Decked out in glamorous gowns in possibly the most divine location imaginable, these photos are pure eye candy. Gold galore and even a tub filled with pink bubbles, I could spend hours taking in every last detail of the fashion and decor...   

 all photos via Vogue

Oh, to be Madame Moss surrounded by Chanel boxes...a pure fantasy!

Having my very own Coco Chanel moment in front of the Ritz Paris...

Wishing you all a week off to a tres chic start! Bisou, bisou!