30 January 2013

Eat Cake for Breakfast

This morning, I would love to dig into this with my cappuccino...

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Don't worry, Mom... Kate Spade said it's okay.

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28 January 2013

Lilly Lookbook: Spring 13

There may be snow on the ground outside my window, but Spring has sprung on my laptop screen! Today marks the unveiling of the Spring 13 Lilly collection, and I am smitten. Bring on the florals, bright colors, and sundresses...I'm ready! 

All photos via - don't you adore the gorgeous photography from Bloomie's lookbook

Here are some of my favorite pieces...which are yours?

Sending sunny wishes! XX

25 January 2013


Today is a big day here on Pink Champagne!

Paris Hotel Boutique Journal

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First, here marks the official launch of the Pink Champagne Facebook page! You are officially invited to join the fun and follow along here

Second, today is my last day at my current job. I don't often speak of my professional life, but I have been sneakily hinting at big changes lately on le blog. (Remember this vague post?) I have packed all of my pink and green frames, hugged my co-workers goodbye, and walked through the doors I have entered for the past five and a half years for the last time. I am beyond thrilled to begin my new endeavor (AKA dream job: managing social media, online marketing, fashion shows and more for a women's boutique!), and I already adore my new co-workers after a few meetings. I'm counting my blessings for this opportunity and diving in feet first (in fabulous heels)!   

Wishing you all the most wonderful of weekends. Big things ahead for Pink Champagne! XX

24 January 2013

Spring According to Oscar

Spring has sprung at Oscar de la Renta, and I'm in love! Ladylike elegance and sophistication, Oscar wowed me once again with this collection. Did I mention the campaign photography is to die?

All photos belong to Oscar de la Renta via

The black and white ballgown was one of my favorites from the runway during Fashion Week, and these photos are beyond stunning. I'm wrapped in fur and the thermostat says 6 degrees, but I'm dreaming of sunshine and wishing for Spring with Oscar! XX

22 January 2013

#IFB Con

I am thrilled to announce that I will be attending IFB Con with long-time blogging bestie Julie! I cannot wait to listen to the amazing speakers (dying for IFB to reveal who they are!), meet some fabulous bloggers, toast with cocktails at the Plaza, nibble on macarons at LadurĂ©e, shop til we drop, and celebrate in the city that never sleeps. Did I mention we will finally meet the lady behind Blair's Headband?! 









Photo credits: Photoshoot

Are any of you attending, too? New York City, here we come!  

18 January 2013

Pink Champagne, MBA

Today is the big day: I have officially completed my MBA! No more pencils, no more books...this lady is finished with school forever. 

Just call me Pink Champagne, MBA. wink!


Photo via

Now...time to celebrate!

17 January 2013

Catching Up

Hi lovelies! Lots of celebrations have been happening in my world lately, and I would love to share some photos with you! Remember the 1920s themed gala I referred to for New Year's Eve? Here is a glimpse into our own little Great Gatsby! 

Pearls and feathers were packed...

The Inn was prepared for its guests...

My outfit was planned, topped off with a vintage fur...

We enjoyed a delicious dinner and lots of champagne...

And the Inn was aglow after a night of dancing to the jazz band...

Brunch on New Year's Day required a fur shawl and a glittery bow...

Before I knew it, my birthday had arrived and I was the big 2-9. Husband gave me a gorgeous pink houndstooth coat with big pearl buttons (doesn't he know me well?) and an Italian coral bracelet to match the necklace he had given me for our wedding. 

We toasted in our hotel room with pink champagne (what else!?)...

and pretended we were in Paris while enjoying delicious dinner and dessert at a French brasserie. 

I closed my eyes tight and made a wish...

I adored the Tiffany blue ceilings and stunning chandeliers of the hotel...

and we just had to snap a photo in the lobby!

Champagne cocktails followed after dinner as the celebration continued. 

Cheers to a fabulous year! XX

All photos are my own via Instagram.

12 January 2013

Birthday Celebrations!

Today, I turn 29 and Husband & I are spending the weekend celebrating in the city! We will visit my favorite three little triplets in the world, toast with champagne cocktails, dine at a French restaurant and pretend we are in Paris, do lots of window shopping, and stroll the beautiful streets. 

In honor of my 29th birthday, I am throwing myself a little blog celebration filled with my party favorites. Have a cupcake and pop the bubbly!

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Big kisses from the birthday girl! XX