29 June 2013

Hilton Head or Bust

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The big day has arrived...we are hitting the road with our Uhaul in tow and are on our way down south. We spent our last night in town dancing under the stars and celebrating with friends at a wedding...overlooking the same harbor where we fell in love, got engaged, and spent so many summer days on the boat. It's goodbye for now, but we will be back. 

Hilton Head Island or bust! 

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27 June 2013

Zara Shopping Buddy

There is nothing better than a good shopping buddy...a girlfriend who will be by your side to scour the racks, load favorites into the fitting room, and give you her honest opinion. Today, I'm calling on YOU to be my shopping buddy! 

Hypothetically speaking, if one had a Zara gift card to spend and was in the market for a new top, which would you choose? wink Vote ladies! 


Image 1 of CUT-OUT FAUX LEATHER TOP from Zara

Image 1 of BELTED JACQUARD TOP from Zara

Zara is having a fabulous sale right now - be sure to check out the full selection here

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26 June 2013

Castle Hill and Seersucker

Since we are heading south in just three days (eek!), we have been busy visiting all of our favorite places here in New England. One of these favorites is Castle Hill. Set atop a hill overlooking the Newport bridge, this is one of our favorite spots to spend summer days sipping champagne on the cliffs and watching the boats sail by. 

Fun fact: Castle Hill was the spot to watch the sailors of the America's Cup until the Australian team took the title in 1938 and the race left Newport.

Here is a glimpse into our day filled with oysters, bellinis, boats, and matching seersucker attire (sometimes we accidentally coordinate and totally embrace the matchy-matchy couple thing).

Cheers to summer days! 

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25 June 2013

Karolina Zmarlak Fashion Show

This past Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure of attending a Karolina Zmarlak trunk show at a lovely home in town. It was an honor to meet the designer, swoon over her gorgeous pieces, and sip champagne overlooking the ocean. Champagne and fashion? This lady was in heaven!

I love the sleek lines of her designs, and the black and white geometric shapes are timeless. I was thrilled to preview her Fall 13 collection, bursting with leather, exposed zippers, and calf hair. In case you are not familiar, here is a little background on Karolina: 

Karolina Zmarlak is a Polish Ready-to-Wear designer who creates her clothing in honor of the individual with pieces that are variable and expressive. Cutting new, exciting forms of clothing and taking the ideals of the made-to-measure process, her designs permit personalization through the wearer’s ability to interact with the garment.  Karolina’s strong, enduring style results from subtraction cutting, playing with dimension and shape, origami-based forms, and the clean lines of forward silhouettes.  A Gen Art Styles winner and FIT graduate, Zmarlak honed her skills during time spent at Carolina Herrera and Theory. Her first Ready-to-Wear collection was launched in the Fall of 2009. - via

Check out her collections here

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21 June 2013

Goodbye House

Yesterday, we closed on our house. We said goodbye to the home where we fell in love, our first house as a married couple, and the place of so many happy memories. After one last dance in our favorite room and a few tears, we signed the papers and said goodbye to a home filled with memories and love. 

Cheers to a fabulous start and a new adventure ahead! I'm toasting today in my Lilly - happy first day of Summer! 

19 June 2013

Packing, Packing, Packing

Our house is closing tomorrow, so pardon the interruption in my regular posting during our move. Until then, I'm reading up on all the essentials to becoming a Southern belle.

Sending kisses from beneath a mound of boxes...


17 June 2013

Television Debut

I mentioned my television appearance last week, and we are live! I had a ball chatting about the blogging industry and its role in fashion today, the top 10 trends of Summer 2013, my own personal must-haves, and summer styling tips with my friend and the fabulous hostess of the segment. For those of you who would like a sneak peek, here is the link to our show: Fashion Forum (click watch now).

Teaser: look for some familiar faces as I chat about our North vs. South Style collaboration, showcase B Soup as the master of print mixing, and swoon over Atlantic-Pacific's pretty peplum! Thank you for giving me fabulous content to chat about, ladies! 

14 June 2013

A Peek Into: My Wardrobing Room

We have been busy packing away, and this means packing up my closet...le sigh. Before it is empty, here is a peek into my girly mecca: my wardrobing room. 

Pale pink walls, French flair, a mirrored vanity, and a display of all of my favorite things, I'm going to miss this room down South. 

Happy Friday from beneath a mound of boxes... 

13 June 2013

Fashionable TV

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have heard me hint about my upcoming television appearance. I'm all decked out and ready to go, because today is the big day! I'm being interviewed as the guest of honor on "Fashion Forum" on a local television station. 

Hair: check.
Makeup: check.
Dress: check.

Wish me luck! 

12 June 2013

Perfect Pair

When I heard that Sarah Jessica Parker and Manolo Blahnik were teaming up, I let out a little squeal! If my years of Sex and the City watching have taught me anything, it's that this pair is a match made it heaven. I cannot wait to see what SJB and MB come up with...it's sure to be fabulous.

Photo via

Manolo. Blahnik. Mary. Janes. I thought these were an urban shoe myth! -CB

PS: As we're packing up our house, the only movie not trapped in a box bound with packing tape is Sex and the City...I may have watched it three times in the past few days.

10 June 2013

Big Announcement, Y'all!

Drumroll please... I am thrilled to announce:

Many more details to come and more exciting announcements in the future, but we are packing up and heading to Hilton Head Island at the end of this month. We are beyond excited for this adventure, and I cannot wait to see the south with my mister! Lilly dresses, seersucker, and cute accents...I have a sneaky feeling we will adore it! 

07 June 2013

Greece Reminiscing

This Friday, I'm leaving you with a peek into our trip to Greece...it was filled with delicious dining, taking in stunning views, exploring, and lots of beach lounging (and frolicking). Enjoy! 





Take me back...le sigh. Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!