14 December 2012

Photo Shoot: Part Deux

After some fun shots playing in the bamboo, it was time to shed the fur and sash. I loved the contrast of the dramatic red lip with the pure white gown! Hydrangeas were my wedding flowers, and I adored this area of the garden despite the fall weather and the blooms that were beginning to wilt. Posing and twirling around, I was in heaven! 

All photos c/o Jaclyn L. Photography

 Wishing you all a fabulously festive weekend! Husband and I will be celebrating in the city and visiting my three little loves in the hospital lots! XX


xx BHB said...

I adore this shoot! The twirling pictures are absolutely to die for!!!

Flora Fascinata said...

Vogue Vogue Vogue I love it, you are stunning! What a gown and backdrop! X

Julie Leah said...

Those twirling pictures are my favorite!!!