29 October 2012

Loren Hope

Husband and I are snuggled up inside today as Hurricane Sandy makes its way up the coast. Office closed, classes cancelled...the perfect day to wear fuzzy slippers all day long, cozy up by the fire, watch movies, and distract myself from the storm with beautiful baubles! Loren Hope's Fall collection is the perfect cure for my jewelry fix.

Photos courtesy of the Fall Lookbook and belong to Loren Hope.

I hope you are all safe and dry wherever you may be! XX

25 October 2012

Exciting Collaboration!

I have been working on a very exciting collaboration with a photographer friend for some time, and today is the big day! I cannot wait to share details with you, but here is a little sneak peek of what is to come...

23 October 2012

175 Years of Tiffany Blue

The lovely Tiffany & Co is celebrating 175 years, and what better way to toast than with a legacy collection featuring 175 carat stones? The elegant pieces are displayed in a 10 page spread in the November Vogue, and they are beyond gorgeous. I'm easily distracted by shiny jewels! 

All photos via Instagram, taken from my November Vogue

Happy birthday, Tiffany! You look as fabulous as ever! XX

19 October 2012

Dressed Up

Wise words from Karl Lagerfeld & YSL...

Photo credits: 1, 2

A fashionable Friday to you all! XX

17 October 2012

One, Two, Three!

Hi lovelies! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I hosted my sister-in-law's baby shower this past weekend. The big news: THREE babies are on the way! Two little boys and one little girl will be welcomed into our family in January, and we are all ecstatic! 

My mother and I had a ball planning and went to town with the pink and blue theme in threes...here is a glimpse into the day filled with love.  

We had the perfect day filled with cake pops, signature champagne cocktails, fluffy hangings, presents, and pink and blue galore. I could not be happier for my brother and sister-in-law...I cannot wait to meet the three little loves! XX 

16 October 2012

Elizabeth McKay Lifestyle

I just adore Elizabeth McKay, and I was swooning nonstop when I saw the Lifestyle shoot photos splashed on the blog. Bright, colorful, elegant, and fun, these looks are just parfait for Fall! 









All photos belong to Elizabeth McKay

This lady has the shopping itch...watch out. XX