28 November 2010

Milly Christmas!

It is officially the beginning of the Christmas season, and I am fully embracing it! Cue the Christmas music! Start the shopping! Decorate to the nines! Commence the party planning! Here are some of my favorites to get you in the Christmas mood... Asking Santa for a very Milly Christmas this year!

May your days be Milly and bright! XO

25 November 2010


I am THANKFUL for:
-My best friend, love, and partner that is now my Husband!
-An amazing family and wonderful new family-in-law
-Designer bags and beautiful shoes
-The start of the holiday season... bring on the Christmas carols, trees, lights, and parties!
-Best friends that are like sisters
-Blessings in disguise
-Headbands with jewels and bows
-Turkey and all the fixings
-Lovely jewels
-The perfect wedding day that we will remember forever
-Exciting trips and European adventures
-All of YOU! The friends that I have met through blogland and many more to come...

Don't forget to count your blessings and have a happy Thanksgiving! XO

24 November 2010

Saturday at the Orchestra

This past Saturday, Husband and I went to the Boston Symphony Orchestra with friends (they are engaged - yay for more weddings to come!) of ours. We started the night with a delicious dinner at Lucca, followed by the orchestra. The music was lovely (although I decided that I prefer something to watch on stage rather than music alone, and Husband was sitting next to a code red loud breather...), and Symphony Hall is an absolutely gorgeous building. So historic and ornate! Sadly, I do not have any photos, but here is one from their website to give you an idea.
The most fun part of the evening? Getting all dolled up! I slipped into a black top, new navy, silver, and black tweed balloon skirt, black tights, new sparkly flats, and topped it all off with my bridal necklace in my hair as a headband. I looked very Blair Waldorf, if I do say so myself! I wish I had a photo of the outfit, but here is the necklace-turned-headband to refresh your memories. The next few days are filled with Thanksgiving gatherings and engagement parties - so many more occasions to get dressed up for!
Happy Wednesday, lovelies! It's almost turkey time!

23 November 2010

Kate, Di, and I

What do Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, and I have in common? A RING! Okay, okay, so maybe I don't have the exact same ring as these lovely royal ladies, but a girl can dream, right? Once Wills & Kate got engaged (sidenote: did you hear their wedding date is April 29th at Westminster Abbey?!) and her gorgeous ring has been all over the news, I couldn't help but notice that my something old, borrowed, and blue has a striking resemblence to this crown jewel. Remember this lovely piece?
And Princess Diana's engagement ring, now on Kate Middleton's finger... I die.
Although mine is a star sapphire surrounded by diamonds and her's is an 18 carat sapphire surrounded by diamonds, I like to think of it as my royal family heirloom. A little background on the ring: It was given to Mother by Father for their 1 year wedding anniversary in 1975. I wore it on my wedding day as my something old, something borrowed, and something blue (EVERYTHING else was new!), and Mother (also a Di) passed the ring down to me this past weekend. I am just to honored to wear this ravishing ring on my right hand...I look up to my parents as an example of a loving marriage, and wearing the ring means so much more to me than a pretty jewel. I hope to pass it down to my daughter one day and keep the family heirloom (fit for a princess!) alive.

22 November 2010

Meet me in Paris!

The season premiere of Gossip Girl in Paris is re-airing tonight! I have never been so excited for a repeat in my life...
I still drool over that Moschino dress... J'adore! And that Chanel jacket??? I die.
Is anyone else tres excited for tonight?
You know you love me... XOXO, Gossip Girl

18 November 2010

Winter White

Winter white done right. Another reason to adore Anne!
In Valentino.

17 November 2010

Interview with Wills & Kate

In case you're like me and just cannot get enough royalty in your life (or just want to swoon over Princess Diana's 18 carat sapphire and diamond ring)... enjoy!
(And just in case you cannot play the video... here is the link. NO ONE should be deprived of Wills and Kate! XO)

16 November 2010

Designer Shoes for FREE?

Can you imagine being the lucky lady who wins one of these??? Loubs, Manolos, Chanel, or Choos... oh my! How ever is a girl to choose?

Just ask me for an invitation to Shop It To Me and your chance to win, and I'll happily pass along the fabulous deals! The giveaway starts today!

Royal Engagement!

Can you even IMAGINE what this wedding will be like? The grandeur, the decor, the flowers, the DRESS! Just when I was starting to have serious wedding withdrawals... nothing like following every little detail of a royal wedding to tickle a girl's fancy for wedding planning.

15 November 2010

At the Ballet

Does anyone else have fond childhood memories of tutus, pink ballet slippers, pirouettes, piqués, and pliés? I studies ballet for eleven years (from the age of 3 to 14), and every now and then I still catch myself twirling across a room or pointing my toe. Isn't everything just beautiful about ballet?
Why didn't my ballet slippers ever have jewels all over them??? Happy Monday, dolls!

12 November 2010

Merry Kissmas!

In case your curiosity was peaked with yesterday's post and you are just dying to see our engaged Christmas card, here it is in all it's pink-and-green-engagement-ring-mistletoe-kiss-pun glory!
(I may or may not have tweaked the original card to make Mrs. Claus' outfit and the text pink and added a little sparkle to a certain finger...)
Happy Friday, lovelies!

11 November 2010

Married Christmas!

Is it too early to get excited for Christmas yet? I'm already getting giddy thinking about our first married Christmas together, and this delicious deal just made me squeal in delight! I have been brainstorming ideas for our Christmas card already, and several ideas have been floating around. One of them involves a photo shoot in our wedding attire (I would get to wear my dress again!!! BRILLIANT!!!) in the snow, and others more simply would use a photo from our wedding day with some type of holiday spin: read: mistletoe hanging above us, Christmas lights on the boat we sailed into the reception on, or Santa hats photoshopped onto us. Am I absolutely crazy?!? The one thing I do know for certain is I want the greeting to read Married Christmas! (Last year for our engaged Christmas, it was "Merry Kissmas!"... I just adored our cards.)

When I saw this blogger deal from Shutterfly, I could not believe my eyes. If possible, my Christmas Card 2010 excitement level rose even higher. Here's the deal: bloggers receive 50 free cards from Shutterfly when you write a post like this one. *Squeal!*  There are so many gorgeous options to choose from: Christmas cards, Christmas photo cards (what I will be doing to accomplish one of my visions), or even Christmas gift tags! Here are a few of my favorites:
From traditional:
To pretty prints in red and green:
To fun colors:
And maybe even pink and green!  
So many lovely choices!
PS - while I do think it is too early to begin listening to Christmas music on the radio and all day at work, I deemed it appropriate to have some of my favorite Christmas songs playing in honor of this post. The holidays are coooom-ing!

10 November 2010

Happy Birthday, Lilly!

Happy birthday to the one and only Lilly Pulitzer!
Fabulous then...
and now!