05 February 2010

When Wedding Week and Photo Friday Get Married

Today is Friday, which marks the beginning of the weekend (hooray!) and the end of wedding week (weeeh). Who am I kidding - everyday is a wedding day in the world of a bride-to-be, so there will be plenty more wedding chat in the next 6 and a half months. Not to neglect Photo Friday or the final rendition of this glorious week devoted to the wedding of yours truly, I present you with a combination of the two.

Meet my Traveling Wedding Tote. TWT and I go on every wedding-related trip together, from venue-shopping, to menu-tasting, to florist and photographer meetings and beyond. (And I mean this in the nicest way possible, but TWT you are getting hea-vy! You might want to watch your pre-wedding diet to keep that in check.) Here is where I keep my wedding binder (created immediately the Monday after our engagement weekend - you can spy the green grosgrain ribbon bow at the top left), a library of wedding magazines for inspiration, and the wedding bible - Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette. Not visible, there is also my wedding planning calendar which keeps track of all appointments - coming up soon we have:
-bridesmaid dresses with the girls 2/6 (can I try one on too just for fun?)
-bridal expo for bff's wedding 2/7 at noon (did I mention my best friend and MOH is also getting married this summer? twice the excitement)
-cake tasting 2/13 at 1
-pick up wedding bands following (diamonds = smiles)
-Priscilla's accessories appointment 2/15 at 2

Farewell Wedding Week - it sure has been fun. Date to chat about veils soon? Good.
Have a fabulous and sparkly weekend!


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