21 February 2010

Diamonds and Family Heirlooms

When I was 11 years old, a family tradition was born. I so clearly remember the day that my aunt presented my older cousin (16 at the time) with our great grandmother's engagement ring. My great grandmother, born in 1899 (although she told everyone 1900), had passed the ring on to my aunt in 1974 saying she had too many diamonds to wear. Many years later, it occured to my aunt that she was not meant to keep this ring forever, but to pass it on to future generations of the family. She decided that every girl would receive the ring on her 16th birthday, not just receiving the diamond, but remembering family values, traditions, and love. In 2000, I turned 16 and my cousin (very recently engaged wearing a ring of her own) handed me the ring. I adore the perfect diamond, the antique settting, and the delicate design of this 1919 ring. Now with a diamond of my own, yesterday it was my turn to pass the ring on to my cousin as she is sweet 16. Here we are showing off our sparkle, the 1919 engagement ring on the left and my own 2009 ring to the right. As I said when I slid the ring off my finger and gave it to her, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend!" 

Cheers to family heirlooms and a little sparkle!

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Ali said...

That is so cool- I love family traditions like that! Especially girlie ones involving diamonds :) how lucky you are!