03 February 2010

Wedding Week Installment 3: Shoes

Greetings from Wedding World! Since I am a firm believer that the shoe is one of the most integral pieces of the outfit (and since I can't talk about the DRESS which is absolutely killing me), today my bridal shoe will get a post all its own. Why? This shoe will surely get its' own photo in the wedding album, and it will surely make many guest appearance in multiple photos throughout. You know when you find the perfect shoe and you are so excited you cannot wait a moment to share it with someone? This is what happened to me when I discovered this shoe during my daily online shopping browsing routine. I immediately called my mother and told her about my wedding breakthrough. Sent out a group email to my bridesmaids/bffs to share the shoe love. Did a small dance and sang very loudly (and out of tune) in my car the entire drive home. Heck, I almost called the wedding specialist at J Crew as I knew she would be equally thrilled about my find. (Seriously, if you ever feel the need to gush about your bridesmaid dresses to someone, these are your girls. Their heartfelt "Congratulations on your wedding!" and affirmation of how beautiful your dress choice is always does it for me.) Without further ado, I present my wedding shoe:

If your little heart desires to zoom in even more, you can see this beauty here.

The silk flower, peep-toe, perfect-height-heel, silver metallic... sigh. It was love at first sight. Since I couldn't say it any better myself, I defer to the queen that is J Crew (or J Crew's copywriter).

"A touch of tattered silk - hand cut and gently frayed - looks simply brilliant with all things dressy, like this gorgeous metallic leather peep toe. The look is whimsical and chic (a perfect pair in every way). 3" self-covered heel. Man-made sole. Made in Italy."

True love in the form of flowered footwear.



kellie said...

as fitting as a glass slipper, cinderella!
excellent choice!! (now, the secret to happy all-day-long dancing feet is to slather them in --ew- Preperation H! They won't swell, and they'll feel great!

Allison said...

SO gorgeous! It's pretty details like these that make all the difference! Pretty pretty pretty!