16 February 2010

Love, Love, Love

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite days of the year. I know most people subscribe to the theory of Valentine's as a manufactured holiday by Hallmark filled with overpriced flowers and chocolates. I understand. It can also be horrid if you are single, which is why my bffs and I started Secret Valentine in high school (like Secret Santa) and still send each other Valentines to this day. BUT I also like to look at Valentine's Day as one of those special days like an anniversary where you can celebrate love and being with one another all day long. Call me a hopeless romantic, a cheeseball, anything of your choosing, but I stand by my choice. I heart Valentine's Day.

This year for our one and only engaged Valentine's Day, we began the day with a pancake breakfast at a teeny bakery in town (blueberry for him, chocolate chip for her). We watched Breakfast at Tiffany's at my apartment (see - I told you he was a catch!) after exchanging presents. I opened the most beautiful vintage pearl and rosette necklace (more catch-quality) and happily made it an accessory for the rest of the day (picture to come as soon as the necklace, my camera, and my computer can rendezvous). The remainder of the day was spent in Newport window shopping, eating chowder and beef carpaccio overlooking the water mid-afternoon, and having a romantic candlelit dinner at the Black Pearl. What a wonderful day with my wonderful Fiancé!

Hope you had a lovely day as well!

Update: Here is the photo of my Valentine necklace. Apologies for the horrid quality, but you can see the pearls and rosette beads. 


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Nicole-Lynn said...

Sounds fun! It's my favorite holiday... I heart it too :)