02 February 2010

Wedding Week Installment 2: Wardrobing

Happy Wedding Day Number 2! (Any wedding day is a happy day, right?) Today the topic of discussion will be the three words that plague women every. single. day. What to wear? Well, when it came to wardrobing and my wedding, I instantly became a stylist with a vision for the event. Think: pink and green, preppy, nautical, classic, elegant, and pure bridal bliss. While THE DRESS will not be revealed until after the big day (207 days to go - silent squeal at my desk), here is what the rest of the wedding party will be wearing.

Bridesmaid dresses: J Crew Cotton Cady Madeleine dress in azalea. Check out the bow behind the neck - adore it.

Groomsmen: navy blazers, "Nantucket greens" (you know, Nantucket reds but in green), white shirts, and pink and green Vineyard Vines ties. They are going to be hand-some.

Flower girl: you knew Lilly Pulitzer would make an appearance in the wedding party! The adorable Julia dress will look darling on our lovely little flower girl.

Ring bearers: navy blazers, khaki shorts, and pink and green ties. They will be the most adorable little boys to ever walk down the aisle - trust me.

THE SHOES: these beauties will be on my little tootsies under THE DRESS. I love them so much they deserve a post all their own, but for now consider this a little sneak peek.

Disclaimer: this is not my actual engagement ring, but it is a princess cut diamond set in white gold and I needed to add a little sparkle to my inspiration board.


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kellie said...

a beautifully-attired wedding party! Love the flower girl dress! And those shoes -- yes, please, they deserve their own special post!
The countdown is SO on!