27 January 2010


Disclaimer: I don't intend for this to be a whiny post to turn off all 4 of my readers. After all, I'm not exactly in the position to lose anyone. I'll try to make it as least-whiny and entertaining as possible on your behalf, dear reader.

I am SORE. This is hard for me to admit because I like to think of myself as physically fit, but I cannot deny the ache in my muscles. A little background: I have been a cheerleader since the 3rd grade (hugh pom-poms, sequin scrunchies, and all) and continued this all the way through college (in the spirit of anonymity, I erased the names from our uniforms -I apologize for the big white hole on our chests). Back in my college cheerleading hay-day, I fell from the third level of a pyramid and landed on my back. After back spasms that lasted what seemed like forever (probably closer to a week) and visits to the trainer, I was back in action but I have never completely recovered. Now a few years after the fall, I finally gave in and asked my doctor about my back discomfort. Fast forward to present-day, 3 sessions into physical therapy and me sitting immoblized at my desk. I go to the gym everyday most days during the work week, so why is this evil lady therapist nearly killing me? On the bright side, I'll think of her as my pre-wedding personal trainer.

My first thought when I saw this picture... my French-Canadian skin was TAN in my college days! This MUST have been a game right after Spring Break. Second thought: I miss being up there. (That's me from the back up top!)


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