20 January 2010

Dreaming of the Dress

I miss my wedding dress. Have any other brides-to-be ever experienced this longing? I dress shopped at four different bridal boutiques, tried on countless dresses, fell in L-O-V-E with one, and ordered my dress at the beginning of October. Now, I have to wait 6-8 months to try on my gorgeous gown until it comes in and I can begin fittings. The wait is TORTURE. After all, I have been dreaming of this dress since I was a little girl, I finally get to wear it on my wedding day, and after deciding on the ONE it is snatched away from me not to be tried on again for over half a year. Not fair. I often find myself staring at the look book ad campaign for my dress longingly from my desk... sigh.
The dress will not be revealed until after the big day (220 days to go!) just in case Fiancé reads this, but until then here is a glimpse of my dress shopping memories...

(insert me in Dream Dress twirling on the platform)


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