14 January 2010

Hello World

Bonjoir! After reading blogs and getting my daily fix of fashion for some time now, I finally decided to join the blogging community rather than being a passive reader. Sure, I would comment from time to time, but there is something about having a blog of my own that just seemed more FUN. I'm excited to begin and get to know girls with similar interests and obsessions, and you will learn more about me as we go along. Until then, a few things about me to get started:

-I ADORE Paris. It is the most romantic and magical city in the world.
-Pink and green are my favorite colors, inspired by the one and only Lilly Pulitzer.
-I'm getting MARRIED (O.M.G.) this August to the love of my life. Pink and green happen to be my wedding colors.
-I'm already counting down the days to summer - my Fiancé and I cannot wait to be back on the boat!
-Every day is a special occasion that can be celebrated with champagne! (Mimosas and bellinis are to die too.)


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