21 January 2010

J'Adore Paris

If my love of Paris seems a bit excessive to you, I am completely willing to admit it. After all, I believe I once counted 13 Eiffel Towers in my little beach-cottagey apartment. An obsession one might say? Fine. In my defense, how can you not be absolutely in love with a city with gorgeous architecture, charming outdoor caf├ęs, crepes on every corner, the glimmering light of the Eiffel Tower visible from every spot at night, and the best shopping in the world (Louis, Dior, and Chanel - oh my!).

In case you needed one more reason to fall head over heels in love with Paris, look no further than my Jet Setter (a la Gilt Group) email from yesterday - Le Meurice. The pictures of this to-die hotel speak for themselves.

Did anyone else notice the pink pillow in the mirror? L-O-V-E the regal gold with pink accents.

More fushia accents combined with traditional Parisian decor... sigh.

Imagine sipping champagne and enjoying gormet French cuisine under these chandeliers...

I want this to be the view from my window EVERYDAY.

Oh Paris, how I love thee.


1 comment:

alanna said...

i have an obsession with paris too!! it's so beautiful and amazing!!!