27 January 2010

Cupcake Confession

Confession: the temptation of the cupcakes on the table by my desk was too much to take. I finally gave in and took one. Doesn't everyone know that I have a wedding gown to fit into in 213 days?!?! I justified this by eating just the frosting and immediately throwing the rest into my trash before I could change my mind.
What could be better than cupcakes and diamonds? I have hinted to my mother multiple times that I would adore diamond ring cupcakes at my shower. This beauty is topped with a REAL diamond and is the Mervis Diamond Importers cupcake, ringing in at over $100,000. A bit excessive perhaps?
Speaking of jeweled cupcakes, does anyone recognize this Judith Leiber that adorable Lilly carried in the first Sex and the City movie? I am already counting down the days to SATC2!


alanna said...

ohhhhhmyg, all of those cupcakes you posted are delicious (even the non-edible ones)...have you been to any of the gourmet bakeries? if you ever make it to NYC, you HAVE to take the SATC tour if you're a fan of SATC *and* cupcakes!! it combines both of them and was SO fun!!

alanna said...

all of those cupcakes look delicious! even the non-edible one, haha...diamond ring cupcakes seriously sound adorable :) i looove your blog btw, i seriously enjoy reading it!!

and if you ever make it to NYC, make sure to take the SATC tour - it combines cupcakes AND SATC!! it's perfect!!