28 January 2014

Classic Shift

Fun fact:

Gin belly or not, I love the classic style of a shift dress (and no one does a fun summer shift like Lilly!). Shop the full collection here and see what I mean.

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xx BHB said...

"Gin belly"! Ha! Mine's a chardonnay belly but it's obviously why I LOVE a good shift.

Can't wait to dust mine off when the weather finally warms up!

Portuguese Prepster said...

hahah that is hilarious! I'm loving the Spring arrivals, very classic Lilly.

Miss ALK said...

Oh my goodness! Too funny!

I am OBSESSED with the Lilly Spring 2014 collection! I might have to treat myself to a pair of shorts in one of new prints!

xoxo A

the english ivy ... british, preppy, perfection said...

Haha "gin belly". Good going Lilly! I love this print...

Alexandra Aimee said...

I've never heard that factoid before! I'm a huge lilly fan though, and very excited for this collection.

-- Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

TexanCouture said...

That's pretty funny haven't heard that before. I do love some Lilly!