13 October 2010


I made butternut squash. In a domestic-goddess-like feat, I rose above my usual chicken/pasta/steak/rice basic dishes and cooked an actual butternut squash. I was feeling quite in the autumn mood on my last trip to the market, which inspired the purchase of the vegetable in question. How to cook it? No clue. (Minor detail, right?) I was shocked at my domestic dexterity and the final result after cooking it on the stovetop, chopping it, mashing it, and adding butter and loads of cinnamon...Delish! Baking the seeds as a snack? Just a bonus.

What will my next kitchen endeavor be? Time will tell... Just call me Giada!


Sweet Southern Prep said...

Butternut squash screams FALL! Glad it was a success for you! :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

haha I love how domestic you are and how you're loving being married! It makes me so excited for my upcoming nupitals :) Thanks girlie!