04 October 2010

Life is Magnifique!

I had to sneak in just ONE more Fiji post, I just couldn't resist! I had mentioned that we stayed in Denaru (Fijian Hollywood) our last night to be closer to the airport the following day. We stayed at Sofitel, and it was absolutely gorgeous. See for yourself!

Arriving at Sofitel at sunset

Walking around Denaru

Our favorite part of Sofitel, you might ask? Their commercial that was playing on the TV as we were welcomed to our room. We watched it over and OVER, and I often find myself singing the lovely tune in my head as I float through the day. I present to you: the absolute best marketing campaign in the history of the world.

The decadence, the luxury, the French words, the chic look, those chandeliers, the satin gowns... le sigh. Are you swooning and hitting replay? Me too!!!


Glitterista said...

What a great video! I love Hotel Sofitels--I had the pleasure of staying in a lovely suite in Chicago. Everything about the stay was quite parfait. ;)

Ally said...

agreed!!!! best. marketing. campaign. ever....!!!! i always stay at the Sofitel in Miami, it's amazing!!