30 September 2010

Pink & Green: Lilly in Fiji

Now, you all KNOW I wasn't going to travel around the globe to Fiji and not take my Lilly with me! For Pink & Green Thursday this week, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Walk-in closet of Lilly in our villa.

Lilly up in the air - the jet to the island.
Dining Lilly-style on the beach.
Lounging poolside...
And strolling from our villa to the water.
Cocktail hour at the bar. Bellini, please!
Dinner is served!
Time for the spa! Massage? Facial? Manicure? Oui, oui, and oui!
His and hers...hanging to dry.
I adored dressing up each night.
Going native! Cava ceremony (which is performed for dignitaries, like the Queen of England!)
Lilly under the sea.
And on land in Denaru - the "Hollywood" of Fiji.
Three cheers to leading a very colorful life across the globe! Show us your favorite pinks and greens and play along with the lovely Trish! Happy Pink & Green Thursday, darlin's!


***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said...

HAH! I love this Pink & Green Fiji edition! SUPER CUTE -- love all of your outfits! :)

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

You are adorable lady!! I love all the Lilly and the fact that you wore it every.single.day.

That picture of you from behind walking to the beach is gorgeous! Please get that framed?! I feel like it says everything wonderful about your honeymoon!

I just adore you, sweetness! Happy Thursday, I hope your week is going well :)

Big kisses to you! xx

CT Cupcake said...

love that everyday was a lilly day!

Ann said...

I LOVE the necklace you're wearing in two of the pictures!

Glitterista said...

This is the BEST pink & green Thursday post ever! I love all of your outfits and the picture of the closet. I think you should frame the his & hers Lilly swimsuit picture--it's absolutely adorable. Glad you had such a Lilly-fied honeymoon with such great memories! :)

DSS said...

This IS the best Pink & Green Thursday ever! Looks like both you AND your Lilly had a lovely time :)

Muffy said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! Adorable and you are SO skinny! What an enviable figure. FABULOUS post!!!! Love it.

Sweet Southern Prep said...

You are hilarious! With the headless shots. :) Love all of the LILLY you brought on the honeymoon. Mine looked a lot like that for my trip, as well.

As for the Revas, I just ordered a gold pair the other day, and already want another pair...maybe I'll have to order some silver snakes, so we can match! :)

Cindy said...

Looks like a wonderful and very Lilly vacation!!

daily cup of couture said...

Love seeing all your Darling Lilly outfits! You truly inspired me for my own honeymood :)xo,