27 September 2010

Fiji: Snorkeling Adventures

Welcome to honeymoon week on Pink Champagne! Be prepared for lots of pictures and stories from our newlywed adventures on the tropical islands of Fiji. Are you ready? I am!!

In the 12 days Husband and I spent in Fiji, we snorkeled 4 times. Having heard that Fiji was known for the best snorkeling/diving in the world, we were eager to dive right in. (Not a huge fan of the pressure and scary sea creatures that would surely eat me, we stuck with snorkeling rather than diving. You know, just to be safe.)

We put the underwater camera to good use, and clicked away at all the coral, starfish, brightly colored fishies, and reef sharks around us. Yes, you read that correctly - SHARKS. Although they described them as "friendly" reef sharks, we had all seen Jaws enough to swim back to the boat after spending the required 30 seconds floating in the water and snapping a picture just to prove we swam with them. We saw two: one was 5 feet and the other was 8 feet... still too large for my liking, thankyouverymuch. My favorite snorkeling friends were the Nemo-lookalikes, huge bright blue starfish, and pretty coral in all shades. I also adored the underwater tour of the pearl farm, where we learned how they use oysters to make freshwater pearls - gorgeous. Come under the sea with me, and enjoy the pictures! XO
Did you spy the shark, tropical fish, coral galore, and nets holding the oysters with lovely pearls inside? Stay tuned for many more Fiji posts to come! XO 


High Heeled Life said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! XO HHL

AtlYankeeBelle said...

Glad you enjoyed snorkeling. I love love it too but I dont use a snorkel, they make me feel too confined. I just hold my breath and dive

Brunch at Saks said...

What gorgeous photos! Sounds like the perfect honeymoon! XOXO

Lindsay said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! I've always wanted to go snorkeling - it looks like so much fun!