12 August 2010

Swinging in Pink and Green

Happy Pink & Green Thursday! Let's swing in pink and green in honor of a certain someone, shall we?
Is that Paris I spy in the background??? J'adore!
Come fly with me...
If only it were green instead of blue...
We'll hang upside down until all the blood rushes to our heads.
And stike a pose as we swing by.
Did I ever mention that Fiancé and I played on the swings on the beach on our first date??? That's the night I started falling in love with him...
Mischevious boys and silly girls.
Aaaaannddd... jump!
Summer days spent with best friends
Just hanging out
Who said swinging can't be glamorous???
Slip into your favorite white summer dress...

...and hop on a swing! *Click, click, flash, flash!*
A place to sit and reflect

or a way to reach above the mountaintops

Swing with me, and smile when you think of the Bumpkin on her swing!
A big thank you as always to the lovely Trish for hostessing! Send her some hugs! XO
PS - FIFTEEN DAYS to I do for this lady!!!!


the pink prep said...

what a great pink post, and sweet, sweet tribute to bumpkin. i was thinking of her as i put my pink list together today as well!
just look what she has done! connected so many people, to see and post beauty. i know she's smiling down on us now!

Anonymous said...

Swingsets can only remind me of good memories :) Happy Thursday!

I'maNolaGirl said...

We were thinking alike today. What a beautiful way to celebrate Lisa.

Sweet Southern Prep said...

So excited for you! Good luck with the final countdown. :)