18 August 2010

Kate Spade Tour Guide

Traveling? Who better to guide your tour than Kate Spade? This pretty little number landed in my inbox yesterday, and I just had to share. Ladies, I present to you: the Tour Guide. (I am also luuuuurving that coat!)
A few other photos from Kate's fall collection that make my little heart go pitter-patter. Love this silver jacket!
The headband, the jacket, teal and yellow of the skirt and bag... le sigh.
A cardigan with beautiful embellishments makes me smile any day.
Cheers to a colorful fall on the way!
*Single digits... 9 DAYS to I do!
Confession: I snagged one more item at the Lilly sale this morning to wear while I get my hair and make-up done on wedding morning. LOVE YOU, Fiancé! ;)


the pink prep said...

love the new kate spade lineup!!
glad you went back for another dose of lilly!
the prices and selection were just TOO good! did i tell you i scored a *free* pair of mckims because i went so crazy yesterday!?! what a nice little gwp in pink patent of course!
i cannot believe the wedding day is down to single digis.... squealing for you! ;-)

I'maNolaGirl said...

Kate Spade's styling is pure perfection. That headband is my favorite little accessory!

What a snag on your getting ready dress! Fashionable and it will leave your up-do looking beautiful!

High Heeled Life said...

I'm so ready for the cooler weather!!! These images are great inspirations!! You must be getting over the moon with excitement each day that passes...HHL

Candy said...

Wow- I am loving "The Muse"! Kate Spade is just the best, isn't she??

Candy said...

PS. I tagged you in a survey on my blog- be sure to check it out! xox

Lindsay said...

Hmmm... I am definitely loving that orange bag!