20 August 2010

Photo Friday: Au Revoir Apartment!

It's official ladies - the single girl apartment is empty and gone. Since I never gave you a tour while I was living there, I thought I would give you a little glimpse into the Chateau je Pink Champagne now that I have kissed it goodbye (on both cheeks, of course!).
Welcome to my living room:
And to the kitchen, where I cooked oh-so-delicious meals:
My ultra-girly bathroom:
And the one room that wasn't pink or green (but made up for it with plenty of Eiffel Towers and satin bedding)... my bedroom:
This was the view from my window... isn't that old church gorgeous?
And my first snow living there... (they played Christmas carols on the church bells around the holidays... le sigh.)
Au revoir, single-girl apartment! I will be a married lady in 7 DAYS!!!


Emily Kathleen said...

Your single-girl apartment is super cute...and that view of the church from your window is stunning! SO excited for you...7 days!!!

High Heeled Life said...

Your Single girl apartment looks like it was the perfect place... love that trunk ..and shower curtain... Soon you will be Mrs.!!! and a whole new vintage will begin!!!HHL

The October Issue said...

cute bathroom,super girly apartment

Anonymous said...

Your apartment was lovely and so girly!

erintagle said...

Aweee! I had a single girl apartment in the heart of Dallas, before I married my husband and moved to South Texas. It was complete with wooden floors, purple walls and a wine/cheese only fridge. I really do miss it. :( BUT married life/living is totally blissful and different!

Congrats on your marriage!

PS - I just found your blog and I loooooove it!