19 August 2010

Pink & Green Weddings!

8 DAYS to I do, ladies! I cannot stand the excitement. It is bubbling up inside of me, and all I can think about are dresses, flowers, placecards, aisles, and first dances... my head is in the clouds. And the forecast finally extends to wedding day, so I can begin obsessively checking the weather multiple times a day now. Hehe. As of now, wedding day is sunny and 77 degrees! *Happy dance and fingers crossed!* I just CANNOT WAIT to become a Mrs.!
How could Pink & Green Thursday be anything but a wedding post today? Here are a few of my recent favorite beautiful pink and green weddings on StyleMePretty. Swooning!
Pink, green, and lace. Beautifully classic.
Yes, the bride wore Loubs. Be still my heart.
What pretty little sweets!

Look at that flower!
There's something about the Churh aisle...
Pick your name off this lovely wall!
Flowers, flowers, everywhere. Can you smell them?
Pink lighting! And you KNOW I love a chandelier!
Look at the bride's face. Wheeeee!
Girls just wanna have fun.

Cannot wait for you to walk me down the aisle, Daddy.
Time to party!
Pretty florals.
Pink is pretty in pastel.
Adore this elegant look.
L.O.V.E. Can't wait to giggle with you for the rest of my life, Fiancé.
Can they get ANY cuter?
Happy feet.
Running into happily ever after.
Hope you all have a lovely day! XO


***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said...

AHHHH! You're SO close!!! It's going to be the most amazing day for you! Cannot wait to see pictures from the event!! :)

I'maNolaGirl said...

I'm getting soooo excited over here! I can't wait to be looking at your photos!

I love the ivy covered lattice work. What a cute look! And the length of those champagne colored BM dresses is pure perfection!

Talking with Tami said...

very pinktastic!

the pink prep said...

I DO wonder where you ever got the inspiration?!?
the close countdown is on to your very own pink & green wedding! you WILL have to do a post about that, promise?!? several, in fact!!! so excited for you!!!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Eight days!!!! Woo hoo!!! We both have weddings on the brain and I love it! The flower on the dress in that one photo is unbelievable! So glamorous!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Love the Loubs! Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments! xx

VA Gal said...

Love the pictures! And congratulations to you! I hope you have a beautiful wedding day.

Hannah said...

I seriously think that I could blog about pink and green weddings every Pink and Green Thursday. I always find so many amazing ones.

I blogged about Kate Spade today! Good taste, girl!

Vynuss said...

8 days!!! How very exciting!!! Don't stress. Remember the day is for you and he to enjoy! :)
I love the pictures! I am totally swooning over all these pictures!!! What an awesome post!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous wedding photos - I'm excited for the Big Day coming up for you and yours!

Fashion Meets Food said...

absolutely love it! So pretty!!! I did my wedding in pink and brown... and we added in a little green just because its so pretty.


Anonymous said...

Must. resist. the. sparkly. Louboutins.
Congratulations on your wedding coming up, I'm sure it will be absolutely to die for gorgeous!

x M.

My Dream Ring said...

WOWZA! You big day is right around the corner....how exciting!