01 June 2010

I Heart Tucket

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day weekend! I'm still reeling from our fabulous time on Nantucket (and possibly still rocking a little bit from spending 4 days on a boat). Friday night, we headed across the bay to Hyannis for pre-race festivities. We enjoyed some clam chowder and wine on the boat before heading into town to meet with friends. Saturday morning means Figawi race time for all the sailors, so we followed the boats to the starting line to watch the excitement begin. The fleet of sailboats (and ferry trying to squeeze through) was quite a sight to see!
Sailboats everywhere you looked.
After our friends all finished the race, we relaxed on the boats and enjoyed some sunshine and wine, then a lovely dinner on the boat.
Sunday began with mimosas (champagne makes me one happy girl), followed by a lovely cruise around the harbor. Swimming and cooking out on the boat is the perfect way to celebrate the start of summer, oui?
Here is the boat we spent the weekend on coming in to pick up our crew.
Sunday afternoon, Fiancé and I strolled the streets, making stops in the antique shops, home decor stores, and of course Lilly Pulitzer! Guess what happened to be parked in front of the In the Pink store?
After a squeal, a full photo shoot ensued posing in front of the Jeep, next to it, you get the idea...
I had plenty of Lilly packed to wear,
but I also had loads of fun trying on some new Lilly in search of the perfect rehearsal dinner dress.
There is nothing better than walking down a cobblestone street holding the hand of your husband-to-be...
and taking in the beauty and quaint historical architecture around you.
Our next stop was the race tent party, where we danced our little tushies off as the band played. Clam chowder was the perfect late dinner, and Fiancé and I made one last stop to hear our favorite band play on the island before heading back to the boat for bedtime. Memorial Day was spent at sea... time to head back home across the bay, bidding farewell to my favorite island. The weekend flew by, and we can't wait for our next trip already... Oh Nantucket, how I had missed you!
So whether you prefer the speed of a power boat,  
or flying your flags proudly on a sailboat,
or just want to spend a weekend in a preppy shopper's paradise, come join me next time on Nantucket. We will have an absolute blast, darlings - pinky promise!  


Sweet Southern Prep said...

I'm in love with Nantucket! You're so lucky you got to visit. I seriously wish I could travel there every summer. Love your Lilly you brought, and the Lilly you tried on. How neat that the jeep was parked out front. Glad y'all had a great time! Love all of your images. Just a little jealous though. :)

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Love the dress in the middle of the 3 you tried on. It's a winner in my opinion. Love all the boat shots, we missed our boat this weekend. Well I guess we missed having non-oil spill water, the boat is in the yard!

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Wow!!! That looks like an amazing place to visit!! I've never been!! I'm glad y'all had such a wonderful time! :)

Beth Dunn said...

Anything with boats makes me happy! Love all the pics.

I'maNolaGirl said...

I have always wanted to visit Nantucket! It looks like such a sweet little place to go! I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend getaway!

Trish said...

Hi sweet pea! So glad you had such a nice trip to Nantucket, ooh ooh ooh just wish I could have been sailing along with you and toasting your exciting 2 month countdown! Love you in the Lilly's, you were just made to wear them, so sweet on you. Glad you and your sweetheart got a little R&R in such a romantic place!! xoxo Love ya!

Kristin said...

That sounds like a dream weekend! And I LOVE that white Lilly!