29 September 2011

Parisian Pinks & Greens!

Did you think that I was finished swooning over memories of Paris? Not so fast! To celebrate Pink & Green Thursday with the sweet Trish, I'm sharing some of the pinks and greens I spotted all over Paris with you. 

a charming café in Montmarte

quaint cobblestones and flower boxes in Montmarte

fabulous flowers in the lobby of the Four Seasons... George V will be a whole other post! 

Hermés embracing preppy pink and green window displays

lovely Jardin du Luxembourg

Notre Dame in bloom

French flower shops make my heart go pitter-patter! 

Who can forget the scrumptious pink and green macaroons at Ladurée?

Those lovely pink and green trees... le sigh. 

Bon Pink & Green Thursday, mon amies! 


The City Boy said...

Monmarte is such a fun area....laduree is BEYOND amazing. This makes me miss Paris

Anonymous said...

Sooooo pretty!!

Ashley said...

transport me to Paris now please!

Cool Gal said...

I want to go! Notre Dame is breathtaking!

Glitterista said...

Yay for another Paris post! I actually JUST had a dream we had a blogger meet-up and our hotel was across the street from Laduree! I must've been dreaming of your post and recent trip. ;)

Kim, USA said...

Wow everything is gorgeous and colorful. ^_^

Pink and Green