08 September 2011

Fashion's Night Out

Official FNO tote designed by Brahmin... which color to choose?  

 I can feel the excitement in the air about Fashion's Night Out... I'm daydreaming of hopping on a train to NYC immediately and letting my inner fashionista loose! Who wants to join me??? Sadly, I will not be attending this glorious event this year, but this is what my night would look like:

Bendel's on Fifth Avenue is every girl's mecca... perfect to kick off my night of fashion and fun.

Milly to nibble on hors d'oeuvres, sip champagne, and meet Michelle (we will become instant BFFs, I just know it!) 

Lilly Pulitzer of course! With a purchase of $250 or more, this FNO Lilly tote will be all mine.

A visit to Kate Spade's SOHO boutique will include belting out my favorite tunes in their store windows, tasting yummy treats, and sipping a cocktail or two.

I musn't miss the opportunity to be styled by a Vogue editor at the Tory Burch boutique!

I will end the evening ooooohing and aaaaahing at the masterpieces that incorporate Christian Louboutin’s enchanting shoes into a labyrinth of hair and having my own hair coiffed at the beauty parlor set up in the boutique.

Are any of you lucky ladies attending FNO? Please share details! XOXO 


Glitterista said...

I think my agenda would be almost exactly the same! I'd probably add stopping by the J. Crew Collection store if they were having an event. I love it there. ;)

Let's talk more about planning a trip next year. I think it would be such a perfect opportunity to meet other bloggers and have a complete blast!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

What fun! I'd love to be going! Instead, I'm awaiting a package from Miss Burch, finally a new pair of tan Revas, while shopping on my couch. Fresh for fall! :)