07 September 2011

French Cafés

Bonjour, madames and madamoiselles! I hope you had a lovely Labor Day weekend and soaked in as much sun, Lilly, and white clothing as possible! We spent our last summer weekend on Martha's Vineyard with friends, and it already feels like fall...

Now, are we ready for more Parisian daydreaming? Oui! One of my favorite things about the lovely Par-ee is that you can find a charming café on nearly every corner.

Husband and I spent hours sipping capuccinos, nibbling on pain au chocolat or crepes, and enjoying the lovely scenery sitting in those adorable café chairs.

Not far from our hotel... trés francais!

In Monmartre... so romantic!

Across from Notre Dame.

Street corner café overlooking the Seine.

Enjoying a glass of French wine while Husband snaps a photo.
Closing my eyes and wishing to be transported back to one of these photos... le sigh.

Bisou, bisou!

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mFw said...

Love this!!! The cafe on the Seine, is that on the Saint Louis Island? I'm pretty sure that is just down the street our hotel! Anyway can't wait to see more pictures!