16 April 2013

Love for Boston

A day has passed, and I am still in shock over yesterday's tragic events at the Boston Marathon. I am shaken to the core, and my heart is breaking for the victims and their families. I am thankful to say that our friends in the city are safe, but this has hit too close to home. My college roommate and her husband were standing at the finish line and literally ran for their lives. Countless other friends were either running in the race, cheering from the sidelines, or in the neighborhood at the time of the explosion. I cannot imagine what they felt. 

In the face of tragedy, we see that love always wins over hate. A list of people offering guestrooms, rides, or even a sofa to sleep on for victims instantly grew to thousands long. Runners who had crossed the finish line earlier continued to run to hospitals to donate blood. Those nearby instantly sprung into action to assist the wounded. The first responders are true heroes.

At this time, all we can do is pray for God to comfort those affected. We can have faith that love will triumph. Sending all my love and prayers to Boston. 

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Portuguese Prepster said...

Boston is in my thoughts and prayers too. Even down here in virginia I knew people running in it. Such a horrible tragedy..I can't get over it.