14 May 2012

Fabulously British

Have you ever shopped at Jack Wills? Although I have never bought anything, their pink & navy storefront drew us in and Husband & I always pop into their South Water Street location while window shopping in Nantucket. 

While strolling along Newbury Street in Boston this weekend, I immediately fell in love with the lovely dress in their window...the Kerris dress

Pink, polka dots, and bows: ladylike perfection! 

The dress is actually a much more subdued pink a la my dressing room instagram photo above... I could not make up my mind between the two color choices, so I did what any logical girl would do. I tried on BOTH! Fun, flirty, and feminine, I am just smitten.   

Their Summer 2012 video has also tickled my fancy... take a look for yourself (the Kerris dress has a starring role!). Here are a couple still shots from the video that I adore: 

all photos via or my own

Fabulously British, indeed! 


The City Boy said...

i LOVE Jack Wills

Muffy said...

How lovely!!! What a fab find!

preppylove said...

Oh. my. gosh. I LOVEEEEE that dress! Simply amazing.


Margarita Bloom said...

So fabulous!!!!

Glitterista said...

Absolutely adore them both! You can't go wrong with pink polka dots. ;)

Ruth said...

the dresses are so cute

Kathleen Lisson said...

This dress is so sweet and feminine!