23 December 2011

Champagne Christmas Soiree

Do you remember this invitation that I shared with you a few weeks ago? Husband and I have been busy floating from one party to the next, and this past Saturday was the long-awaited day of our soiree - such fun! We had about 50 guests, went through many bottles of bubbly, and our home was just bursting with Christmas cheer and love! 

Here is a photo I snapped as Husband and I anxiously awaited the arrival of our guests... red tights and red Christmas tree embroidered pants were a must! 

a glimpse of my party attire from the back... 

just a few bottles on ice

lined up and ready to go - cheers! 

Tis the season to celebrate - merry Christmas to each of you! XOXO


Leslie said...

Love the dress and tights! Merry Christmas. :) It looks like you've already had a lovely celebration.

Mrs. Kindergarten said...

I just adore colored tights! Your bubbly soiree must have been to.die.for! Merry Christmas PINK girly!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Those are the best style of champagne glasses - and are really hard to find. Don't you feel so glamorous sipping on champagne?

I adore your red tights!

If you have time.... my latest posting is a reader who is seeking fashion advice on her thrifted outfit. I would LOVE it if you could stop by and offer your words of style and wisdom (any of your readers are welcomed too!).

Thank you and happy holidays!


The City Boy said...

where are your husband's pants from?!? I love them. Party looks like so much fun!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Love the dress you selected--it is quite similar to my lace one you commented on and I actually paired mine with red tights a few Christmases ago!!