28 March 2011

Monday Musings

-Katy Perry playlists are the perfect cure for the Monday blues.
-Chanel ballet flats make you feel happy in a way that other ballet flats just can't.
-What would I do to have just one more day of the weekend???
-Is Spring EVER going to arrive in New England? It is currently 35 degrees... icky.
-Babies are the cutest things in the world. After visiting with 3 of my girlfriends and their babies this weekend, I am just smitten.
-I am having static cling issues with this dress today...
-Pink Champagne needed a wardrobe change... I'm now wearing my Spring Lilly.
-I WILL start eating healthier today, pinky promise.

Wishing you all a marvelous Monday!


Sundresses and Smiles said...

ugggh...i hate static cling! a good tip is to throw a bounce dryer sheet in your purse and when it gets bad, slip on over to the bathroom and rub the dryer sheet on the inside of your dress where it is clinging-- it doesn't completely get rid of it, but helps!!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

haha I LOVE all of your fun musings, sweetie-pie! Katy Perry always makes me happy, yes one more day to each weekend would be divine ... on twitter I suggested saying TGIT instead of TGIF so we could fantisize about a three-day weekend each week, making up fun scenarios of what we would be dong on this fantasy day, and don't feel bad that spring is taking a long time .. it is here too, but we KNOW it WILL come ... right? :) xoxo

pittsburghprepster said...

This is the perfect list to get you through Mondays! You are precious!