06 May 2010

Thursday Means Pink & Green

Spring is in full bloom, so let's celebrate Trish's Pink & Green Thursday with some beautiful blooms!
Take some time today to stop and smell the pink and green flowers! XO


the pink prep said...

so pretty! i hear the peonies are blooming soon ~ yay!
love pink & green thursdays!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Wow, I heart all of these flowers! So so pretty. Need some in my house ASAP! Great pink and green post. :)

Cool Gal said...

Beautiful Pink & Green post.

The peonies are simply beautiful. Love them in the vase on the desk (Sure wish I had a bunch.).

Have a great weekend!

clau said...

Spring is here!!! I was waiting for it!Love roses and peonies,love Chanel perfume bottle,love this beautiful pink atmospfere!