04 May 2010

There's no place like HOME

If I click my heels together enough, will these lovely Loubs magically appear???
Finacé have been doing lots of home projects lately in order to get the house in perfect newlywed shape, so I thought it was about time I give you an update. 

Project number 1: exterior. We painted the front door a Tiffany blue color and met with someone from a shutter company last night to discuss adding black shutters to our white home. CANNOT wait to see the finished product!
Project number 2: our master bedroom. We knocked out the old closets to open up the room, exposed the chimney and painted the brick white, added crown molding to finish the look, and finished the wood floors in the spot where the closets were. Right now, this room has become storage for all of our engagement presents and miscellaneous things until we move my bedroom set from single-girl-apartment to newlywed-love-nest. Super-excited to finish this room too and see our monogrammed bedding that we registered for in its home.
Project number 3: my wardrobing room, aka Mecca. The room has been painted PINK. Fiancé could not believe there is actually a pink room in the house (although he happily took a roller in his hand and covered the blue walls with Poetic Princess paint - such a catch!). The wooden shelving and hanging units are being installed tonight, and I am on a mission to find a gorgeous antique vanity and mirror.  The chandelier that is hanging in my apartment dining room right now will add the last feminine touch. You can bet your entire Lilly collection that a picture of this will make it's way into a post once this is complete.    
Project number 4: living room. This is the room that we bought the brown leather Chesterfield sofa for, but we still need to finish furnishing and adding the finishing touches.  I am envisioning a very Parisian feel with off-white accent chairs, pale pink and white patterned pillows, a large sweeping curtain a la the Plaza Athenee to dress the big picture window, and our London and Paris maps adorning the walls. The perfect room to sip cappuccino or champagne, oui?  
Project number 5: kitchen. We have our second meeting with a kitchen company tomorrow night at the showroom to go over plans, so it will not be long until plans are in full swing. New cabinets, a pantry, appliances, possibly an island, and some fresh paint will complete our traditional kitchen with nautical/beachy touches.

Most of all, I can't wait to begin our lives in this home as husband and wife. With the wedding 116 days away *little squeal and happy dance* will we ever finish?
Have a lovely Tuesday!  


Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

How exciting!!! Such great projects you guys have going on!!! I hope we will be updated with posts and pictures!!!!!! :)

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Wow, y'all sure have a lot going on! Before/After photos are hopefully coming. I want to steal some ideas from you. :) You'll be so glad y'all accomplished this before getting married. That way you can relax, without having to think about fixing things up in the back of your mind. Good luck finishing it!

mFw said...

You guys will be busy but you will love it when its all over!

living well said...

Sounds fantastic! Post pics when you are done, I'd love to see everything - especially the pink room!

Glitterista said...

Everything sounds wonderful! Can't wait to see pictures when you finish. I adore bright doors--they add so much to the front of homes. Best of luck finishing everything.

Cool Gal said...

I love home remodeling projects. They are a lot of work, but so worth it! Can't wait to see the finished results.

I found your blog via Sweet Southern Prep. Adorable. I am a new follower! :)