08 August 2013

BR does it again: Issa London

I have been loooving the collaborations Banana Republic has debuted as of late (Trina Turk last year and Milly most recently), and they have one more up their sleeve: Issa London. Made famous by Kate Middleton (could they ask for a better model?!), the designer may have popped onto your radar when engagement photos of the Duke and Duchess in this iconic dress graced every magazine cover. 

Video via

Are you dancing along yet? In case you need further evidence, here are a few of my favorite looks from the collection: 

You can shop the entire collection here, debuting today! Practice your duchess wave, and get on board with Issa. 

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Portuguese Prepster said...

what a cute commercial! I've been loving Banana's collaborations lately..they are so fun!

xx BHB said...

Did you hear the KMidds / Issa dramz happening now??? Issa is now majority owned by an Al Fayed, as in the sister of Dodi Al Fayed who died with Princess Diana. Apparently, the Al Fayed family has accused the British royal family of coordinating the whole car crash/death. Naturally, The Duchess has not worn Issa since the Al Fayed's involvement.

Anonymous said...

Well, Kate hasn't publicly worn Issa since July 2011. Daniella Helayel sold the label in May of this year. The truth is that Kate stopped wearing Issa long before the Camilla Al Fayed purchase.

I took a quick look of the 2012 and 2013 Issa collections (designed by Helayel), and I can't see Kate wearing them. Kate's style evolved, and the Issa aesthetic shifted. Speculation is fun, but maybe she just fell out of love with the brand. Happens to us all.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I stand corrected. CAF bought the controlling stake in Issa in July 2011, and Helayel stayed on until this May. It seems she was forced out, which is unfortunate.

I still believe that Kate wouldn't have worn Helayel's final collections.

Anonymous said...

Love that commercial! I snagged the blue wrap dress yesterday, couldn't resist a copykate look :)