05 November 2012

Pink Coat Heaven

Do you remember the hot pink Kate Spade coat I was completely obsessed with last year? The one that was perfect in every way with the bow at the collar, but was $695 and sold out almost instantly? 

Le sigh... I still get googly-eyed looking at it. 

Enter, this year's answer to the mecca of all winter coats from J.Crew

Hot pink, bow, ladylike sophistication, and a much prettier price tag. I have been lusting over this coat ever since bloggie bestie Glitterista alerted me of its existence... With 25% off and free shipping (offer code OURTREAT), I did not let this lovely slip through my fingers. Parfait, oui?   

Nothing puts a little pep in my step on a Monday like a little online shopping! XX


Portuguese Prepster said...

I think you need it!

xx BHB said...

AHHH it is so cute!

My winter coat the past few years has been a black and white houndstooth dream.

My mother just found a coat in the adorable little consignment store from my hometown..... hint: also houndstooth. hint: PINK.

Post to come soon about it, I'll totally rip off your Pink Coat post :p Great minds think alike, right?

miss andrea lee said...

I bought the coat too!! But unfortunately it didn't fit me right.. so I had to return :( Boo!

Glitterista said...

Yay! We'll be little cross-country coat twinsies! :)

Fashionista622 said...

Love the J.Crew option! A great pop of color for Fall/Winter. :)


Elizabeth Quon said...

Good evening from L.A.!

What gorgeous coats! Pink is such a refreshing shade for the colder months. You're lucky your fund the J. Crew at such a bargain. Good for you for snapping it up now. That reminds me...If you're interested in a more casual pink coat, Forever 21 has a lovely one as well. It's a little shorter~more like a car coat~but super affordable and on point.

Enjoy your evening!