08 August 2012


Three years ago today, he asked a question. I said yes.

We were on the boat in our special spot in the harbor...there was champagne...and music...and dancing...and a diamond sparkling above the water...and Husband down on one knee...

We are firm believers in celebrations, so tonight we will go back to this very same magical spot.

Happy engagiversary, Husband! The answer will always be YES. XX


Sara said...

Cheers to that! Have a great time celebrating!

Morgan Neal said...

How sweet! Happy engagement anniversary!

Xx- Morgan

Tiger said...

Literally brought me to tears. But then, sweet stories always do. Happy engagiversary to you and your husband!

suburban prep said...

I think it is a special day.
(I know I think it is for my husband and I too-- Valentine's Day).

Enjoy the day.

Margarita Bloom said...

Oh, this is so sweet!!