19 June 2012

Jazzy Jack Rogers

Like many of you, I live in my gold and silver Navajo sandals all summer. They are so versatile, and these colors have always satisfied my warm-weather wardrobe needs. They go with everything!
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A limited edition collection designed by Jack Rogers and Quadrille has me longing to add a little color (and print!) to my collection. Are you in love too?  

My classic silver pair

My go-to golds

The pink and green may be my favorite in the new collection...are you surprised???

For you blue and white girls, there is this pretty pair. 

Pink and gold = gorgeous!

Loving the Tiffany blue and gold pairing too. 

Nautical in navy

Glitter! Squee! (also in gold glitter and silver glitter)

Happy feet! XX


Lily Lemontree said...

These are all too fab!! Think I will have to pick up a few, don't think I could choose just one!!

Clare Christine said...

Hi!! What a darling post, I LOVE jack rogers and aren't they perfect for the summer months? I have a pair of black ones that I wear all of the time. I am crushing on the gold accent pair though. I hope you can stop by my blog and enter my giveaway for a pair of pearl earrings, Wednesday is the final entry day. Enjoy your week!

Twirling Clare

preppylove said...

I love Jack Rogers too, of course. My go-to sandal. I have the platinum ones and the yellow canvas ones, but I really want navy, light blue and some of the new glitter ones!


Sara said...

nothing say summer like breaking out my jacks! i have been in my silver pair almost every day but love my bone and ivory wedge too! next up is a gold pair & pink & bone...love the pink & green print too of course!

Ruth said...

Both blue pairs are to cute