02 March 2012

Lilly in Bloom

Hello, lover. 

Yesterday, I came home to find my Lilly Spring book waiting for me in our mailbox... and it's just bursting with gorgeousness! 

The Camilla coat screams elegant sophistication.

How much fun are these flirty stripes?

The fringe on this dress has me dreaming of dancing the night away in Paris... le sigh. 

White is one of my warm-weather favorites. 

The dress on the left has been on my "need" list since I laid eyes on it. 

My only question with this dress is "Do I like the pink or blue better?" The scalloped detailing has me begging for more! 

Insert me... wearing this dress... on our boat... immediately. S'il vous plait and Merci! 

The hot pink stripes, the side ruffles, and the slight ruching... perfection. 

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Which are your favorites? 

Hurry up, Easter! This lady has LOTS of shopping to do. (10 days down and staying strong...teehee) Have a fashionable Friday, sweets! 


MelissMichelle said...

Ohhh the white fringy dress. So cute! I am enjoying your blog :) -Melissa

Glitterista said...

I've had my eye on the Camilla coat since I first glanced it in a preview, and the Mimosa skirt and Dusti top is the perfect spring/summer outfit! ;)

The City Boy said...

so perfect...my sister is definitely going to load up!

Suburban Princess said...

Very cute! I have never been able to get on their mailing list :O( I think they dont send the books to Canada. Fortunately I can live vicariously through bloggy friends :O)

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

Oh how I adore Spring!
The Lilly catalog is fantastic!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten

Cool Gal said...

So, so much!

I went out and bought the "Whinnie" dress on Monday along with a pair of neutral wedge shoes, a cardigan, and the "Carolyn" dress - love!

BUT, I am absolutely in love with the "Felicity" dress (boat), the white dress towards the front of the catalog (model is wearing the pink scarf around her head) - not available yet, and the skirt with the blue shit and polka dot shoes in the middle of the catalog. Oh, and I love the "Maybelle" and "Adeline" in seersucker as well. I adore the trouser pants and so many shorts and shirts.

I really love so much!

Anonymous said...

I got mine in the mail the other day too!!! There are so many things I love it in, I simply cannot list them all...but the white dresses are definately some of my fav's this year!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Ummm...is it bad that I want EVERYTHING in this post?!?!!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Love those stripes! So so cute!

Worthington said...

Wow! I got mine on like Valentine's Day so my mail just must be on top of things! See what I wrote about liking here: http://www.worthystyle.com/2012/02/lilly-pulitzer-spring-2012.html

My #1 is the Amberly but I think it is everyone's favorite as they have listed it as the #1 seller company wide!