12 October 2011

Coat Couture

What's a girl to do when she is pining away for her husband on a business trip and she is beyond swamped in the office? Distract herself with fashion, of course! 

I have been swooning over Kate Spade's coat couture collection ever since this lovely arrived in my inbox last week, and I simply cannot get these silhouettes out of my mind. Fall in love with me...

It's pretty much a given that whatever Deborah loves, Pink Champagne loves. 

This pink coat is a dream come true... and the bow at the neck in the front is pure perfection!

A true classic - this will be your wear with anything and everything coat. 

Ladylike overload! Tapered waist and full skirt... love at first sight. 

Doesn't fur just scream luxuriously fabulous?! 

PS: TWO more sleeps until Husband returns home... I miss him oodles! 


Leslie said...

I love Kate Spade's coats too; they seem so glamorous! Hope your husband has a safe trip home.

The City Boy said...

winter coats are one of my favorite things...i guess thats why i have so many. Im dying for a Band of Outsiders peacoat

DSS said...

I love, love, love, love the Patrice and I want it. But I may need to get a PT job. Hmph.

Glitterista said...

That was me last week as well with the bf away for a work trip! Hope you're enjoying being together again this week. ;)