26 April 2011

Week of William & Kate

It's this week, it's this week! You all know what I'm referring to ladies... William and Kate are tying the knot this week! My dear friend, fellow Anglophile, co-worker, fellow Lilly lover, and gym buddy the pink prep and I have decided that this week will be ALL about the wedding. (You would not believe the giddy chatter that goes one between the two of us everytime the royal wedding is mentioned... and quite frequently, believe me.) If I were in London, this royal wedding map would assure that I was in the perfect position to spot the happy couple and most important DRESS!

Stay tuned the rest of the week for much more princess fairy-tale wedding gushing! XOXO


Cool Gal said...

I love your excitement. I felt this exact same way when it was Di.

Can't wait to read your posts! :)


Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Hehe, how fun!

the pink prep said...

so true!
i'm so happy to have a soul sister to chat daily, um, i mean, hourly, about everything royal!
cheers to wedding week, and cheers to kate will!

pittsburghprepster said...

This hand-drawn route is so adorable! Cannot wait for the wedding!

Anastasia Schembri said...

How cute is that map??!!
You know I share in your excitement, I know the Princess-to-be will not disappoint us! Can't wait to see your posts for the days ahead!
Thank you for stopping by today, hope you have a wonderful day my friend!

Bijou said...

So excited to see the dress..and what shoes she is going to wear! =]

Unknown said...

I am as excited as you are! Can't wait for this wedding. Ah the romance...:)


Mage said...

Everyone gone crazy over this royal wedding so am I. It really kills me waiting for the kind of dress for these pretty couple. buyaionaccount

DSS said...

I love that we are all so excited about this FABULOUS wedding! I cannot wait to sit in front of the TV, with my tiara, and lot on to twitter :)