22 February 2011


Top o' the morning to you, ladies! When you are reading this, Husband and I will have arrived in Dublin and be taking in all the city has to offer. I didn't want to leave you all in the dark while we are away, so I have scheduled a few posts until we are home and I can gush about our amazing time share photos and stories with you.

We plan on walking all over the city,
cozying up in some Irish pubs and listening to live music,
and Husband wants to make a trip to the Guinness Brewery. (I don't like beer... what's a girl to do? Do you think they will serve champagne too???)
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More updates to come soon, and until then sending kisses from Ireland!


Lindsay said...

Have a great time! I can't wait to see pictures!

Donna said...

You lucky girl! Been there and it is so much fun! We stayed overnight just a block from the Brewery...it smells like potatoes! Have a great time and take lots of pictures!

Girl with the Curlz said...

Have a wonderful trip. Can't wait to see all the pictures.

Cheryl E. said...

Oh I am so jealous! I would love to go to Dublin!

Kelly said...

I'm going to be traveling to Ireland soon! Can you do a guide of the city?

Miss Lindsay said...

Guinness + Champagne = Black Velvet
Maybe they'll have this beer cocktail for you :)
Have a great trip!
Vineyard Loveknots

Kristin said...

I fell in love with Dublin when I was there! Totally do the Guinness factory tour, the view from the bar on top is 100% worth it, and I don't drink it either.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are loving Ireland!
You should really try the Guinness!
I think it tastes better in Dublin!

: )
(long time reader, first time commenting!)

DSS said...

As you have already arrived by the time I'm reading this...but regardless...HAVE A FABULOUS TRIP!!!