24 November 2010

Saturday at the Orchestra

This past Saturday, Husband and I went to the Boston Symphony Orchestra with friends (they are engaged - yay for more weddings to come!) of ours. We started the night with a delicious dinner at Lucca, followed by the orchestra. The music was lovely (although I decided that I prefer something to watch on stage rather than music alone, and Husband was sitting next to a code red loud breather...), and Symphony Hall is an absolutely gorgeous building. So historic and ornate! Sadly, I do not have any photos, but here is one from their website to give you an idea.
The most fun part of the evening? Getting all dolled up! I slipped into a black top, new navy, silver, and black tweed balloon skirt, black tights, new sparkly flats, and topped it all off with my bridal necklace in my hair as a headband. I looked very Blair Waldorf, if I do say so myself! I wish I had a photo of the outfit, but here is the necklace-turned-headband to refresh your memories. The next few days are filled with Thanksgiving gatherings and engagement parties - so many more occasions to get dressed up for!
Happy Wednesday, lovelies! It's almost turkey time!

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