02 April 2010

Photo Friday Introductions

Meet Louis.
We first locked eyes in Paris, and it was love at first sight.
Ever since then, Louis goes everywhere with me. He sits nicely on my desk and keeps me company all day as I work. He rides in the front seat of my car wearing his seatbelt for safety and sings along to the radio with me (his French accent is adorable when he sings). He has traveled to London, Paris, Normandy, Venice, Tuscany, Amalfi, and all over the East Coast by my side and on my arm. Since we are getting to know each other better, I thought it was time to introduce you to my beloved sidekick. Being the native Parisian that Louis is, he says to all of you: "Enchanté, je suis enchanté!"


Trish said...

Classic bag, dahling! Have a beautiful holiday weekend! XOXO

the pink prep said...

j'adore your french ami!
have a wonderful weekend: you, louis and the finace!

Kinsey Michaels said...

i have the same exact bag and love it so much too!!! i understand!! :) haha
i'm maybe a little too cautious with it even! i won't take it to a club or on a night that is going to involve a lot of drinking, i'm afraid i'll spill something on it!