14 August 2012

Kate Spade does France

With our upcoming trip to Paris approaching (squeeee!!!), I have been daydreaming of France oodles. Kate Spade's French collection by photographer and blogger Garance Doré could not have come at a better time.  Are you screaming ooh la la over the pattern and pieces, too?

1. Garance Doré Rainey Dress
2. Garance Doré Massie
3. Parisian Lights Eiffel Tower Pendant
4. Parisian Lights Eiffel Charm Bracelet
5. Garance Doré Georgie
6. Garance Doré Bon Shopper
7. Parisian Lights Eiffel Tower Earrings
8. Dylan Skirt

PS: The English translation of "Toutes les filles sont folles" is "All the girls are crazy"! What fun!



Morgan Neal said...

How exciting!

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Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

you know I love all things Francophile !

preppylove said...

I'm loving it all!!


Glitterista said...

I really love the Garance print, and the sweatshirt and Eiffel Tower goodies. ;)